Andrew & Devon | Winter Longwood Gardens Engagement

Last weekend, we headed back to Longwood Gardens for Andrew & Devon’s engagement session!  I’m fully convinced that these grounds are beautiful year-round, and this winter Longwood Gardens engagement session didn’t disappoint.

Andrew’s sister is one of my dearest friends, and so when they inquired with us about shooting their wedding, I was over the moon.  Top it off with the fact that these two are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet AND that they’re getting married at the same place we did, and you’ve got the recipe for an amazing wedding!  We can’t wait to be on the vendor side of the aisle at the Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens later this spring, and to get to celebrate the marriage of these two!

We met up with Andrew & Devon in the late afternoon and headed straight for the Conservatory at Longwood.  They’ve got this amazing display of orchids going on (I can’t manage to keep one orchid alive, and they’ve got thousands…), so we wanted to take advantage of that, but we also went in search of the Green Wall, which was the one photo Andrew wanted.  As usual, everything about Longwood is a little magical, even the hallway where the bathrooms are located!

After the Conservatory, we headed past the Pierce-du Pont house and then over to the meadow, where we got some of my favorite photos from this session.  I hope you’ll enjoy Andrew & Devon’s engagement photos as much as we did!

Longwood Gardens

Orchid Curtain

Pierce-du Pont House


Winter Longwood Gardens Engagement


Meadow Engagement

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens Engagement


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