Chris & Lauren | Weaver’s Orchard Engagement

I met up with Chris and Lauren yesterday evening at one of my favorite spots…Weaver’s Orchard!  AJ and I had so much fun when we visited the orchard last fall to go apple picking, and so when Lauren asked if I’d be up for shooting their engagement session there, I was so excited!  I arrived a few minutes early to check out the yummy treats in the market (no apple cider donuts yet, but we’ll be waiting for them!), and then met this adorable couple for their shoot.

Chris and Lauren were absolute troopers throughout their entire session.  It was stinkin’ HOT, but they didn’t let that stop them from enjoying their whole session as we explored the orchard!

When I asked Lauren if she could tell me their engagement story, she wrote:

So it was about 8 at night on a random evening and we were just hanging out in our old apartment and Chris made me a deal that if I went to the store and got ice cream for us, I wouldn’t have to take the dog out the rest of the night (which I hate doing) so I gladly accepted. I was only gone about 10 minutes and when I walked back into the apartment door Chris yelled down the steps to me “you’re gonna be so mad, Riley (our doggie) made a huge mess”. A little irritated I came up to the top of the steps and turned the corner and our entire apartment was lit up in candles. He was standing in front of me in a giant heart of candles laid out around him and he took my hand. It took me a few moments to actually realize what was happening but once he slowly lowered down to one knee I just started screaming yes! I was so surprised and that’s exactly what I wanted. 

Isn’t that the sweetest?  And hey…I’d go to the store ANY day for ice cream because a) I love ice cream, and b) if it meant not having to take the pup out the rest of the night?  Count me in!
Enjoy Lauren and Chris’s Weaver’s Orchard engagement session!


Weaver's Orchard


Engagement Ring



















Congrats on your engagement, Chris & Lauren!  We can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you next spring!

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