If I had to choose three words to describe Alexis, they’d be joyful, genuine, and sweet.  She’s in her senior year and a leader in our youth ministry at church and I love when I get to watch her worship, because you can tell her heart is completely in it.  She’s also a beautiful girl, from her laugh that lights up her whole face to the sparkle in her eyes.

Alexis’ mom approached me about doing her senior photos this past fall.  It was towards the end of peak foliage season and most of the trees were bare, so I threw out the idea of waiting until we had some snow on the ground and doing a winter-themed shoot.  I was so excited when they agreed to that idea and so we planned to touch base again when the forecast called for some snow.  A little over two weeks ago, Alexis’ mom texted me and asked what I was thinking.  The weather forecasts were predicting 6-12 inches of snow from Friday into Saturday, which would be perfect, so we planned to wait out the weekend and hopefully get a shoot in Sunday when the roads cleared.

And then the biggest blizzard we’ve ever gotten hit.  It dumped 30+ inches of snow all across Berks County and no one could get out of their homes, let alone do an entire senior shoot.  (Not to mention the fact that Alexis would have been up to her mid-thighs in snow!)  We decided it would be best to wait and crossed our fingers that the next weekend would work.  The next Friday came and the snow was still a good two feet deep.  So we waited, again.  And then we had a week of completely unseasonably warm weather, and seemingly overnight, 30+ inches of snow just disappeared.  Great for on-street parking, bad for snowy senior shoots!

Luckily, we were able to find some snow hidden in the shadows of my favorite pine forest, and Alexis, her mom, and her sister met up with me this past weekend for a fun hot-cocoa-filled senior session!

All that waiting paid off…Alexis was an absolute joy to work with and we got some really fun shots!















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